Connection to the internet is important to many of us in so many ways, whether it is for access to our on-line financial affairs, download music or films or simply to book flights and keep in contact with friends and family.
When you pick up a newspaper or listen to the radio you will see many, many offers of internet access with mega speeds available to everyone.   This is simply not true.
The speed you can get depends on many factors. Not least of which is the cable from your house to the local exchange. What that cable is made of and the actual distance to the exchange will affect the speed available to you. Also the area in which you live will affect the speed too. Live in the middle of Barcelona or Madrid and you will get much better speed than if you live in a small coastal town or a village in the hills.
Infrastructure in Spain is a long way behind that of the UK with very few places having fibre optic cables, but they are very slowly making progress to upgrade things.
We now offer our upto 8MB service for just 26.99€ per month (+IVA) and our upto 20MB service (where available) cost only 36.00€ per month (+IVA) payable in advance. With all of our internet services you also get free calls to standard landline numbers in Spain included. There is also a free, 4 port wireless router as standard and a one off activation fee of 39.99€ (+IVA) payable on order with your first months internet charge.  We do not charge postage to send you your router
Some areas are still only able to receive upto 1MB (20.99€) +(IVA) , upto 2MB (21.99€) (+IVA)  or upto 3MB (22.99€) (+IVA)  service. This is because of the infrastructure in those areas.  All of this network infrastructure is owned and maintained by Movistar and, as always, it is an ongoing struggle to get them to improve their network.
To assist with these types of areas we do offer an Unlimited 3G/4G internet service.  This service is provided using a router that connects with a mobile SIM card.   This service is 48.00€ per month (+IVA) and gets you on-line even in the remotest of places.
Our internet packages are for a contract term of 18 months.  We do require 30 days notice if you choose to cancel the service at any time and the contract term rolls over automatically every 18 months unless we hear from you.
If you are an existing internet customer you may be able to upgrade to a higher speed, please call us with your phone number and we will be able to tell you the maximum available speed on your line.  There is a one off 39.99€(+IVA) upgrade fee.

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